Swedish must reads 6: ‘The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared.’

Over 10 posts, I will give you a recommendation of a Swedish book, translated into English, that is well worth a read. The sixth recommendation is ’The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared’ from 2009, written by Jonas Jonasson.

The book follows Allan Karlsson who escapes his old people’s home on his 100th birthday, and embarks on a remarkable journey through Sweden, with the police and bad guys hot in his heels. It is a funny book full of historical reference. It was made into a film in 2013. Jonas Jonasson also wrote ‘The Girl who Saved the King of Sweden’ which is also well worth a read.

‘Postcard from Sweden’ Comedy Show

Tonight, via Zoom, a new comedy concept is being tested. All in English and all from Sweden.

Login at 8pm Swedish time (7pm UK, 2pm NYC, 11am LA) to see and hear Ben Kersley present Al Pitcher, Kathryn Le Roux, Kurt Lightner, Evelyn Mok and Paddy Kelly live and direct from Sweden.

It’s absolutely free, although donations to cover the costs are very welcome:
Paypal: paypal.me/safetylast
Swish: 123-2536860

Topic: Postcard From Sweden
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 960 5065 0473
Password: POSTCARD1
Meeting ID: 960 5065 0473
Password: 679514

See also information on the organizer Ben Kersley’s blog – https://safetylast.se/blog

See you tonight!

Stand up for Swedes


Last night I went to see a hilariously funny stand up comedian called Al Pitcher. From New Zealand, this fast-thinking, quick-talking ironist talks about his family life in Sweden, what he finds fascinating about Swedes, why he loves them and how they dumbfound him. In his one man show at Rival on Mariatorget, he bounced between naked toddlers to poisonous ticks, from helping old ladies in a Stockholm suburb to his exploits in the isolated regions of Norrland. He even made the town of Flen sound semi-interesting by describing his dancing a jig to Swedish folk music when he was there.

It was a pleasure to spend a couple of hours in the company of Al Pitcher. If you get a chance to see his up-coming shows, I highly recommend it. You can get more information at http://www.alpitcher.se or likewise http://www.alpitcher.com You can also follow him on Facebook.

‘Att passa på’ and other Swedish pastimes

Fredrik Lindström

Yesterday, I went to see TV celebrity and academic Fredrik Lindström in his one man stand-up show called ”Swedes are also Humans” where he talks about Swedes and Swedish Culture from an inside-out perspective.

One funny thing he talked about was the Swedish pastime of ‘att passa på’. This translates roughly as ‘taking a chance, grabbing the opportunity’. Fredrik Lindström claimed that Swedes love to ‘passa på’, especially when it comes to sitting outdoors. The slightest bit of nice weather and Swedes ‘passa på’ and sit outside, even it requires a woolly jumper, a thick blanket and an infra-heater. This is quite unlike people who live in sunnier climates. He even said that Swedes are provoked by other Swedes who don’t ‘passa på’ and who choose to sit indoors on a sunny July day to watch re-runs of Falcon Crest on TV4Gold.

You probably had to be there to find it funny…..So, maybe you should ‘passa på’ and go see the show. He’s touring around the country.