About Neil Shipley

My name’s Neil Shipley and I have lived in Sweden for over 20 years.

When I’m not writing, I work as a trainer, lecturer and coach in Intercultural competence and communication from my Stockholm-based company.

I have a Master’s degree in Intercultural competence and have worked with many Swedish international corporations and public sector organizations to help them improve the way they work together

From my English perspective, I observe Swedish society and the Swedes – everything from the special to the sublime, the scary to the surprising. This is my blog of my observations.

I can be employed to provide training, lectures, seminars. Check out my company: www.keytraining.se

8 thoughts on “About Neil Shipley

  1. Hello Neil,

    I have red all your posts chronologically without a break. Your observations are fun and intelligent! I really enjoy reading them. After spending some time in Somaliland I am happy to go back to my Stockholm tomorrow. Your blog reminds me about what I miss from Sweden.

    Best, Mikael R.

  2. Thank you, Neil!

    I have often missed the voice of all the people with cosmopolitan parents. Often a Swedish mother and a father from elsewhere. Sometimes the other way around. “Halfswedes”, so to say. Why are they so silent? And all the adoptees (is that a word?) like yourself. I long to hear much more from all of you!

    I also wonder what you think about the word “nysvensk”. I only know “high status” immigrants, such as Americans and Germans. Some of them have acquired Swedish citizenship, others not. But none of them like the word “nysvensk”. They have their original identity although now with a Swedish passport. Like you, they appreciate Sweden a lot while also seeing the problems and backsides. Do you feel like a New Swede?

    I saw on Facebook a young man who has made a pin with the text “Welcome New Swede”. He wears it in the same way as the pin “Rör inte min kompis” (Ne touche pas a mon pot). I wonder if the refugees in one go can identify themselves as New Swedes, when they see the pin (written in English…).

    I think I would remain Swedish even if I lived in another country for the rest of my life… but who knows? I would appreciate your thoughts about this. 🙂

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