International LGBT games comes to Sweden

Fancy seeing well-trained men or sinuous women in Lycra shorts? Well Stockholm is the place to be this week. 

Every second year a European-based sporting event takes place in different countries. The ‘Eurogames’ is the premiere sport competition for LGBTQ people. And this year it’s in Stockholm! 

5000 athletes have registered to participate in over twenty different sports, such as athletics, swimming, golf, marathon running, badminton and ballroom dance. Anyone can go watch these events and cheer on the athletes as they compete for a medal. Events are spread out over Stockholm and on different days, more information can be found at

Tomorrow, Wednesday, is the opening ceremony which takes place at 7pm in Kungsträdgården in Central Stockholm. Athletes will proudly march into the park behind their country flag. I’m sure it’ll be an event worth seeing! It is open to everyone and free if charge. 

So put on your running gear, or jump on your bike, and head down to Kungsan tomorrow evening! See you there! 

Have a Gay National Day!

Tomorrow 6 June is Sweden’s National Day and there are many celebrations going on around the country to celebrate the nation. This is the day Swede’s gather to celebrate their Sweden, and they do it in a variety of ways. With the rise of extreme right wing parties in the EU and in Sweden, a National Day might seem dubious to some people. However, If you want to avoid the ‘traditional’ celebrations, one suggestion is that you make your way to Boulevard Teater on Götgatan on Södermalm in Stockholm. There, at 7pm, National Day is being celebrated with a twist. A very gay one.Stockholm’s Gay Choir are holding the first of three concerts. The second two concerts are at 3pm and 7pm on Saturday 7 June.

All of the songs have Swedish roots and reflect how the choir sees Sweden, what it means to the HBTQ community and why they love their country. The songs are a mixture of passion, glamour, tragedy, vulnerability and joy. In an environment of increasing intolerance, these songs are needed and Stockholm’s Gay Choir stand up for openness, love and acceptance. Tickets can be bought at or on or the box office at the theatre.

So if you want a different kind of celebration, a modern and diverse perspective – have a Gay National Day!

See you there! 🙂

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