Trump in Swedish

The other day I heard a new Swedish word. I guess it stuck in my head because it felt contemporary. I was so amused by the word that I had to look it up. And imagine my pleasure when I found its definition! 

The Swedish word I’m referring to is ‘trumpen’. Contemporary for obvious reasons, the word is an adjective and translates as the following: 

  • Glum
  • Moody
  • Morose
  • Stuffy
  • Surly 

Could it be more appropriate?! 

34 thoughts on “Trump in Swedish

  1. You mustn’t forget the “nyord” trumpifierad: förändring av den politiska debatten i riktning mot en retorisk stil där man säger sådant som får uppmärksamhet utan att ta hänsyn till konsekvens eller fakta [2016]

    “trumpified”: (a real Swedish word as of December 2016), meaning “A change in the political debate in the directin of a rethorical style where on says things that recieve attention without considering consequences or fact.”

  2. The pronunciation of the name Trump in English can also be associated to the Swedish verb “trampa” which means tramp, tread, stamp or trample like “trampa vatten” (tread water), “trampa i smutsen” (trample in the dirt), “trampa inte på blommorna” (don’t tramp on the flowers), “trampa någon på tårna” (tread on a person’s toes) etc. Maybe also a bit amusing?

  3. I deeply wish that some good American songwriter would make a new, fitting, intelligent and mean text on the legendary swedish-american poet, trade union leader and working class hero Joe Hill´s classical song “The Tramp”, (see what I mean?) and some engaged artist would make a recording of it – it would be a real hit…
    Greetings from an engaged Swede!

  4. As a speaker of the small indigenous South Saami language I would like to contribute with the word “tromhpe” which actually stands for a parasitic nasty fly that lays its eggs in the nose of reindeer. Sounds a bit strange but it’s actually true

  5. And then we have the Swedish word “klavertramp” where tramp is pronounced like “trump” as pointed out by Eija above. Klavertramp means putting your foot in it (literally stepping in the piano)! Klavertrump has obviously mastered the art!

      1. Du tänker nog på handklaver. Klaver är allt med klaviatur – alltså tangenter. Dit räknas även pedalen i orgel. Samt klaviaturen på ett dragspel.

  6. Quite often used about moody children not getting what they want. (Lille vän, varför är du så trumpen?)

  7. Indigenous Finns have notorious difficulties pronouncing English. Among them is pronouncing two different consonants in the beginning of a word. There is an anecdote about a Finn arriving at the USA border, and the clerk asks “are you resident?” The man replies “aar yoo razy? Ruman is resident!” (By that time Harry S Truman was president of the USA) Today it would be “Rump is resident!”. Which, as we know, means “butt” or “tail” in Swedish.

  8. I always write on my American Facebook pages, that I participate in, that “Trump” means grumpy in Swedish and therefore the people of USA now has got an grympy President.And so he is.

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