English words that tickle the Swedes

laughing minions

I have written a lot about funny Swedish words, such as prick, fart and slut.

I was wondering the other day about how many funny English words there are….words that Swedes find funny? To be honest, I could only actually think of a few.

Please help me to add to this list!

English words that Swedes find funny

  • Pink – a delightful color in English – means pee in Swedish
  • Kiss – a gesture of love in English – means pee in Swedish
  • Goodbyes – as in ‘saying your goodbyes’ – means good poo in Swedish
  • Pippa – the posh girl’s name as in Pippa Middleton – means to shag in Swedish
  • Bra – as in supportive underwear – means good in Swedish
  • Fan – a tool for cooling us down – means fuck (as in damn) in Swedish
  • Rap – the music form – ironically means burp in Swedish
  • Skit – as in a satirical sketch – means shit in Swedish