Swedish signs of spring

Given the long winter in Sweden, the first signs of spring are very very welcome.  

But what are they, these first signs of spring? 

Well, for me they are:

  • when Vasaloppet ski race is on the tv
  • when people lean against the walls of buildings and look up into the sun 
  • when the thaw comes and scales of loose ice float around in the sea 
  • when the figurine of Queen Elizabeth on my window ledge, with the solar panel in her handbag, starts clapping 
  • when it’s not dark at 5 o’clock when you leave work 
  • when the final of Melodifestivalen finally happens after weeks of tedious heats through the winter
  • when the weather reporters start including pollen in their forecasts 
  • when the sun shines and you, in horror, start thinking that maybe you should clean your windows

What are the early signs of spring for you? Please comment below. 

3 thoughts on “Swedish signs of spring

  1. Here in Malmö, it’s a combination of the flowers starting to appear in the local parks and hearing the seagulls start to squawk again! (And a big yes to the pesky window cleaning!)

  2. When they sweap the streets! I love it when they do that. Usually not one of the first signs, but the definite one that says; snow and ice are not returning.

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