In defense of my adopted country

Sweden’s reputation is currently under attack and I feel I must respond, however unpopular this might be. I feel angry, frustrated and saddened about recent events. This is my angle….
I am proud to live in Sweden and I am proud, and fortunate, to have received Swedish citizenship. This is a country that, in my mind, builds on equality and solidarity. This a country that tries to do the best for its people. This is a country that stands up and does the humane thing, even in difficult circumstances. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. 

In some foreign media, Sweden is currently being dragged through the dirt. Stories based on lies and fabrication are spreading. Sweden is falsely being depicted as a failing country on the edge of collapse. This is total and utter bullshit. It is nothing more than the poisoned school gossip trying to bring down the popular student.  It is a tactical attempt to spread fear and uncertainty and we must not bow to it. It is in their interests to undermine the social experiment that Sweden stands for and attack the politics of liberalism and tolerance. A weaker opposition opens the way to a closed and darker society. 
Opportunistic right wing Swedish politicians are jumping on the bandwagon. By reinforcing this picture internationally, they paint themselves as the concerned party. Make no mistake, this is pure manipulation. Their only motivation is to gain more of a foothold in Swedish politics and gain political power based on lies and fear. They want a fearful and closed society. 

I try to look at the world with open eyes. Sweden, like all other countries, has its problems: an aging population and an expensive welfare state, challenges of integration and inclusion, social problems, unrest and crime. Of course this exists. To claim these didn’t exist would be naive. And of course crime should be fought. But I truly believe that Sweden can solve these issues. And I truly believe that the way forward is the continued path of openness and solidarity. Not fear and defensiveness. And not lies. 

I am proud to be Swedish and live in Sweden. I am proud that Sweden takes in thousands of people in their direst need. I am proud that Sweden helps people survive war and starvation. I am proud that Sweden leads the way  in social and humanitarian issues. I am proud that Sweden does not criminalize poverty. I am proud of Sweden’s diverse and multicultural society. I am proud that Sweden stands for human rights and equality between men and women. I am proud that in Sweden you can be whoever you want to be. I am proud that everyone is welcome here. I am proud that Sweden respects its children. 

Are you? 

In my mind, this is what it is to be Swedish. Sweden is the true land of opportunity. 

This is my call to action. Do not buy into the lies and falsehoods that are spread about this country. Do not buy into the fearmongering of power-hungry politicians. 

On social media, on the streets and in your life, question the source of all information. Do not just swallow the bullshit. And if you disagree, stand up and be proud to be a part of this nation with all of its challenges and its opportunities. 

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  1. I totally agree with what Neil writes here. I’ve lived in Sweden for nearly 40 years and have been a citizen for more than 30 of them. I’ve previously lived in England, Australia and Spain and France and have travelled extensively on most of the continents. There is no other place I would rather live than here and I’m very proud of my adopted homeland! I’ve worked as a teacher for nearly 30 years and so hopefully made my own small contribution, in what certainly is a land of equality and opportunity!

  2. I’ve lived in Sweden for 50 years and I totally agree with Neil opinions about Sweden. Don’t listen to those false witnesses

  3. This is Gothenburg calling. Couldn’t agree more with you Neil. Yet even replying here makes me nervous. I read the Observer’s piece yesterday about Robert Mercer, I think he is called, and it’s a real concern how we are all being baited here on FB etc. So I like your call to action, but I’m looking for more even than that. I want to engage before it is too late. What do you think? What to do?

      1. How do you define “fake news”? And why should somebody have the authority to decide what the absolute truth is like? When Nicolaus Copernicus came around in the 15th century and claimed that the Earth orbits the sun, would you then have labeled this “fake news”? If not, why?

      2. I totally agree with “icepulse” and “Martin”.
        “icepulse”: of cource it´s the rescent refugees fault that Alliansen transformed rental apartments into condominiums during 8 years before the refugees arrived. You have a fantastic crystal ball “icepulse”. And of cource all refugees demands to live in the innercities of Stockholm, Gothenburgh; Malmö and so on. I mean the mass immigration has left us inbread swedes to live in the suburbs. Oh wait then it must be us swedes that are burning cars and throwing stones at Police cars. Otherwise “icepuls” if can´t afford to rent a place in Swedens biggest cities move to a smaller city quite close to a biger city and you will see that the rents are much lowe there.

        And “Martin” of cource i know what you mean. I have said for 20 years that 5+5= 12.
        But the swedish government says that this is wrong and they use their power to say that the absolute truth about 5+5 is 10!!
        Have you ever heard something more fake News than that?

        Regarding Copernicus: It was the CHURCH, you know the church that have given us swedish values” that refused to give Copernicus a chance to proof that his fact was the right one. But when your talking about science and nature, the better tecniques and knowledge drives the then known fact to be new facts. That´s how science has to deal with it´s discoverys. But you might not have given that one thought ever?

    1. Hi Tim,
      Just continue to refuse the manipulation and speak out what is true.
      Keeping silent is just as bad as buying into the haters lies.

    2. Dear Tim..

      It’s difficult to change mindset of people who are scared or angry. Emotions rules reason.

      And still reason lies deep behind plenty of biases, shortcuts our lazy mind takes.

      It is said that cooperation is the best way to bridge between groups. Coz then different groups will see things they have in common. So perhaps a cooperative way of communicating, with understanding. And less true facts, coz they go unheeded..

      Framing is a powerful bias together with the difficulty of seeing facts through eyes filled with fear.

      Maybe we should remind media about how they frame their headlines?
      And politicians too.. more like that guy in Åre, who claims they don’t have a crisis, just a wee bit more to do in shorter time.

      Well done both of you!!
      Nice reading!!

    3. In other words..
      I think we need to calm down the fear people have before anything else can be done.

      That doesn’t mean to be quiet, just to always remind oneself that people are scared while communicating with them.

      It’s probably comparable with children who woke up with nightmares.
      “There’s no ghost! I promise!!” Will only be heard when the child has a calmer state of mind.

      1. Thanks OK, what thoughtful comments. So, fair enough, but what to do about this discussion? Almost every sensible discussion I’ve seen online has sooner or later been swamped by, well, by what? People who just have a different view? People who care so much about their political passion that they adopt a fake nationality, a fake identity and write fake comments? Large numbers of state-employees using 60 or 70 IDs towards the east.

        So before I start sounding like #Entropia, which is a new Swedish novel about all this I can recommend (okay a friend wrote it), I just want to say thanks everyone so far for their comments, but ultimately these discussions are going to be asymetrical. With, for example, old farts like me who believe in a decent, fair and thriving Sweden, and on the other side, fanatics and cyberattackers – and perfectly decent people with another opinion – who have an agenda to dethrone Europe in order to attack its borders militarily, and an apparently cross-regime project to destabilise Sweden in particular because it is one of the last social democracies.

  4. Hi Neil,
    Gothenburg here. I’m so glad that you wrote so fine words about Sweden.
    I absolutley agree!
    And I get proud as a native Swede that you think so positive thought’s of Sweden.
    All the best to you!

  5. @Icepulse: The lack of housing have nothing to do with immigration, and everything to do with the socialdemocrats and the construction boom/ golden age during the 60’s and 70’s, when Sweden flirted with planar economy. The system is made so that only a very select few companies actually can build commonwealth housing, and that system was created by Swedes in Sweden, and have nothing whatsoever to do with refugees.
    Please, get your facts straight before poisoning a constructive debate. You are the exact thing Neil is talking about: Fearmongering populistic opportunists.

    1. Your reply to “icepulse” are wonderfully eloquent and balanced. I would probably just have gone for a more aggressive retort involving at least a f*ck or two 🙂

    2. The situation is as it is, regardless of the cause. There are not enough places to live. Can we agree on that? Importing 200,000 extra people in the last two years isn’t going to help. Can we agree on that, too?

      1. What are you talking about? Yes it is not a lot of space in The center of Stockholm. But if you are not too picky there are plenty of houses for a very low cost. Do you actually know someone who doesnt have a place to live?

    3. Spot on!
      This housing problem did not begin in the 2000. It began in mid-late 1980’s and have not being corrected since then and now racists are blaming immigrants.

  6. I’m from USA and feel envious of Swedens support of their people. From the encouragement of moms and dads to equally parent their children to having a simple method to do income taxes. They give you money monthly for children when you need it instead of claiming them as deductions at the end of the year. I especially love how peace and humanity is of top importance.

    1. The peace and humanity part is sort of debatable. In 2016 we made an all time high record arms sales all over the world, including selling fighter jets to Brazil…

  7. thanks for writing all this hate on the internet is really making me sad 😦 I am thinking of starting a group @realMalmö and doing interviews with people working against crime etc womens shelters .

      1. Now, that’s just bull and part of the rethorics that you brown ones practice. There is no such thing. I challenge you to give concrete examples of “migrant crime”. Several recent studies show that this is just a troll statement. And please don’t bring up the riots in some suburbs. You brown ones try to blame migrants for that, which is also a truckload of bull. Put any arbitrary group of people in such conditions and you get problems, where these people come from has nothing to do with it. Our society has obvious challenges – yes, I agree – Sweden isn’t utopia, but your brown solutions will have no effect on addressing these. Only humanity and engagement will. And compared to many other places on this globe we are damn fortunate!

      2. @Icepulse How can she do that and not get branded as racist? @NuffZ “There is no such thing. I challenge you to give concrete examples of “migrant crime”, you mean like all those raping all over Sweden is not enough for you, you need something extra o.O.
        Oh yeah a question: when someone do crime is their nationality one of parameters that are allow to be public?
        You are not solving problems by pretending that problems dont exist and calling everyone who dosnt agree with you racist. This is what make ppl go to the right side of politics not migrants.

  8. Thank you Neil!

    I do not know you. I am very happy for your thoughts. I myself is privileged by being born and raised in this country, never had thought that I would be nationalistic about it. But, when those appalling lies came across, for the first time I felt – I am proud of living in a tolerant country where we try to care for each other, on all levels of society.

    Yes, there are quite a few things worth criticizing in Sweden. But, on what level? We live in a society that tries to respect human rights and equality and, that is worth something!

    On the Q on “mass immigration”. Yes, there has always been waves of immigration to Sweden. So it has always been since at least the 17th century (Sweden became a country just in the 16th century). Vallons from Belgium building up our mining industry. German Jews in the 19th century (one of them my ancestor) building up printing industries etc. In the 1950-ies and 60-ies, people from Greece, Yugoslavia, Italy, Norway and Finland built up the prosperous Swedish industries. Sweden is what it is. It is a good and fair country where we “true Swedes” believe in equal rights and solidarity. And, without all the people wanting to come to Sweden from other countries, Sweden would have been a poor country. Do we want Sweden to be the underdeveloped country with starvation and mass emigration as it was between the 1880-ies to the 1930-ies, with famine riots and military killings of laborers? Those bad times were not caused by immigration.

    No way! By solidarity and belief in all humans equality you build a prosperous and humane country! The refugees are welcome as all other immigrants. They will contribute to the development of an even more prosperous new Sweden in the future.

  9. Reblogged this on Chimaeral and commented:
    My reblog for this week is on a current hot topic – the one of my homeland, crime and immigration – from a foreign national who have adopted Sweden as his new country.
    I do not know Neil, but I have at least a dozen friends and acquaintances from abroad who have come to call Sweden their home, and almost every single one of them have expressed views and opinion that mirror what Neil writes here:

  10. I’m Swedish citizen but emigrated to China in 2006 as I no longer could recognize the country. Believe it or not, but I feel more secure and free here. Wish you all the best, God bless you!

    1. Dear Martin, I’ve spent years if my life abroad (and about 1year in different parts of China) and everytime I return home I’m happy that I live right here in Sweden. God luck with your life there and please don’t forget to return your Swedish citizenship by post (since you don’t seem to want it anymore).

      1. I’ll probably throw my passport in the garbage bin and return as illegal (sorry, “paperless”) immigrant the day I have to, so that I can enjoy the same benefits as you PLUS free dental care, without any strings attached. If the welfare system still exists that day, that will say… :-/

    2. So you have bad teeth, Martin?
      Do you know how much money you would get each month if you came as a paperless?
      You would get a lower sum than the “Socialbidraget”!

      There´s a huge huge lie about all the benefits the refugees gets.
      They get somewhere to live and food. Apart from that depending where they stay between 100-150 krones per day.

      NO family with children gets the 20-25 000:- each month as the SD says.
      SD has very devious added all the different benefits that are avaiable, BUT you can´t get more than one or two of these.

      It´s like saying that you will get Socialbidrag, Hyresbidrag, flerbarnstillägg, sjukersättning, A-kassa, änkepension, etc at the same time.

      So through away your passport get your teeth fixed and then don´t expect to be able to afford anything special, but you will get somewhere to live and food.

      I guess Chine treats illegal immigrant as VIP-persons, but the myth that Sweden does it totally false.
      But I´m proud that we try to help people who are fleeing and risking their lives during the travel to have a chance to avoid getting killed by bombs.

  11. I would say…relax & don’t be so precious. I have spent many years outside Sweden and it’s not the first time I’ve heard criticism levelled at Sweden that is not far off the mark and you have to say we are also good at dishing it out! Ok the cape is funny…. now remember it was captain America that came to save Europe in WW2 and introduced the Hershey Bar!

  12. I approve this message!! JA JAG VILL LEVA JAG VILL DÖ I NORDEN!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

  13. I am so proud of you. I will post this all over. I said I am proud to have a Swedish passport. O my I got hate letters move back then. And guess who’s fault this is. ? I cant even say here. USA is the country that people are scared of living in . This is not funny what’s happening. It’s not the US I used the know. Proud of you Jan that you wrote the truth.

  14. Thank you, I am proud of our achievements as a country. Icepulse above is a good example of the problems that we have attracted because of this. I really belive that the Kremlin instigated attacks on liberal democracy will fail, there will probably be a couple of rough years ahead.
    Icepulse (if that’s not a professional troll) is only minority however vocal, they might succeed in striking fear in people for awhile but it will pass.

  15. Please note that “Virtue signalling” is a dog whistle to Nazis. By using it, icepulse has outed themself as a Nazi. Exactly the kind who happily grabs onto the lies about Sweden in order to create fear and obfuscation – and thereby further the Nazi agenda. They wilfully lie and attack because lies and aggression is all they have. Reality skews liberal.

  16. Läger… Vill du också dina kompisar bo i ett ??? Hur många människor har du “räddat” ? undrar nyfiken gul Chris

  17. Completely agree with Neil. I’m Swedish and have lived in Los Angeles for over 30 years. I visit Sweden for three or four months every year. I’m very proud of Sweden and I do know the differences between Sweden and USA. I have deal citizenship. It looked like USA was on a good track and then we had election. We are now seeing that resources from programs that would have helped the people in need will be closed down and the money will be moved to the Pentagon to build a stronger arsenal and military. USA’s administration wants to talk down Sweden, because they want to make it looks like Sweden are having big problems due to socialized healthcare and welcoming refugees. By doing this, they are hoping to gain support for the “travel ban” , their new immigration policies and to repeal ACA (Obamacare). Unfortunately Americans are not traveling outside their country as much as Swedish or other European people do. They have hardly any vacation, very seldom more than two weeks and many can’t even get one week of with pay. Vacation is often a long weekend of four days. All the majority of USA population see is what is going on in their country and they are told that this is the best country in the world, with the strongest democracy and the richest nation on earth. The times when I have told people here that in Sweden you will get 5 or 6 weeks vacation, paternity leave, sick leave, “free” healthcare ( if you compere)and there are no tuition at the universities and nobody asks about your parents income or where they went to school when you apply to college…they are convinced i’m a lier. It is hard for them to understand that this exist and especially that a country that are not USA has a system that works. They usually come back with the argument that our taxes is outrageous, but really the taxes are not very different. Me and my husband has a 39-41% tax rate and we get not much for it. We have tree children and college tuition is between $12 000-60 000 a year depending if you go with a state school or private (and no housing included in that price). We are lucky that we so far have had health insurance through my husbands work or rather union, but we do pay high union fees and $600 extra to get the insurance. This is however peanuts compared to regular health insurance that could easily be $1500/month if you don’t have ACA. Our children are coming of age, one is turning 26 and the other are 20. So far they have been able to be on our insurances thanks to ACA (Obama) but now they will have to get their own health insurance. I have no idea how a young person can afford that and that is why they often go without and taking chances. Crazy system. Them it comes to immigration, Usa are built by immigrants and are completely dependent on the work they do. Also we can definitely afford and should also take our responsibility and except refugees from countries that we were part of making the mess in. Sorry for ranting and poor to rush to work . Go Sweden and be happy for what you have and represent. Cheers.

    1. Hi Annika, agree with you. I work for a US company in sweden. I think my US colleagues are great, but feel sorry for the system that often seems set against them. This has been a very encouraging discussion, at least the part I’ve followed.

    2. How come that so many of those that are hailing the “Swedish system” also seem to perceive it as an eternal, indestructible and endless pool of money to scoop from? The fact that so many people haven’t started to see the cracks in the facade scare the shit out of me.

  18. I just received my Swedish citizenship and I agree with the sentiments expressed on the post. The so-called immigration problem could be solved with some serious effort by the police, I think. Just as Sweden has the world’s most open front door, there needs to be a back door for those unwilling to make the effort to get along. In the riots that have recently made the news in Rinkaby with a little police work, they could find the small handful of those who are instigating these riots. They could easily be rounded up and told, “Next time we even see a photo of you in an unruly crowd, we are going to give you a one-way ticket from Little Mogadishu to Big Mogadishu. Föstår?” And then follow through. My impression of Swedes is that they have cobbled together a kind, peaceful society. There needs to be an awakening that not everyone who comes to Sweden is of a similar mind and some folks just aren’t going to be happy living in that kind of society. A back door filled with one-way plane tickets would quiet a lot of this stuff down real fast.

    1. Oh, so there are only somali-refugees that are making the trouble dankoon?

      I agree that more police are required to be in these neighboorhoods, and this will now happen. But the main thing is that you can´t create neighbourhoods with people with the same social-economic problems. That´s the failure from the beginning.

      But it´s not the newly arrived refugees that are starting these riots, it´s both swedes and young people who have lived here several years that has the feeling that the society has failed them.
      And that problem is the same all over the world where the gap between people are allowed to increase.

      Trump accuse Sweden, but look in USA it´s 100 times worse there with riots ang social gaps. And Trump will increase the gaps due to his politic. And he will see that people who already lives in USA are going to make more terror-attacks since blaiming different people for the problems that they didn´t create.

  19. You know now, my friends, how feel Serbian people about hundred years ago. We sympathize with Swedish people. But world doesn’t like history, they like “history makers” like CNN, BBC, …

  20. Even if that were true (I don’t see any sources for the claim that eleven times more people could be helped if they just stayed at home where the bombs are falling on their houses), it’s really just something SD says to strengthen peoples fears.

    SD keeps saying it’s better to help people where they are currently living (even though most people who come to Sweden do so because their countries, houses and all their belongings are being destroyed and they don’t actually have any place to live anymore), but the party doesn’t want to take action on this claim.
    In fact, SD wants to lower foreign aid, according to their own shadow budget. SD doesn’t want to help people while they are still in another country, SD just doesn’t want to help anyone. Especially not someone who by chance didn’t happen to get born in Sweden.

  21. Amen. I totally agree. I am 57 years of age and I have lived all my life in Sweden. I have travelled around the world but I do not want to live in any other country than Sweden. We have our problems. Some worse than the other but we are not about to collapse

  22. Sounds all good and well for some.. I myself am Swedish born and a citizen.. I was taken to Australia as a 5 year old by my family where I lived until July last year.. In Australia I worked I voted I owned property and businesses.. I made some mistakes and at the age of 32 I became a drug addict for a short period. But long enough to be incarcerated for one and a half years.. For this reason they cancelled my permanent visa and after 1 year in detention they deported me back to Sweden.. A country in which I have no family or support network.. A country which speaks a language I have long forgotten.. A country which has a climate I am not acustomed to.. I w had all my possessions seized by the Australian government so I arrived here with a bag of clothes plus those on my back.. I am unable to work here as I can not speak Swedish, so arbetsförmedlingen informd me, so am studying Swedish for immigrants..All good and well.. My issue is housing, as I am a Swedish passportholder I am not eligable for any sort of emergency housing..As a son of this nation I am afforded less than those from other lands.. How can this be?? How is this humanitarian.. As far as this society is concearned I can live on the streets while billions are spent on foreigners… I am seriously disappointed in this country.. I made my mistakes but Ive paid dearly, learned from my mistakes and rehabilitated myself.. At this most needy and crucial time I feel abandoned by a nation whose flag ive flown proudly from afar for many years.. A weaker man would of used this as an excuse to slip and become another statistic in the ever growing drug problem in this country but Im beyond that.. i will continue this struggle despite my homeland not extending me the same as they do for others..
    regards Kim Nils Fjästad..

  23. Thank you sweden for giving a job, educate my children, have swedish friends, I honor your laws and respect me as a human been!! As a country it has its challenges but the nothing that cant be fixed. Me as a foreigner will always defend and honor this great country.

  24. As a Swedish born citizen I left Sweden to move to United States when I was 19 years old. I have all my family in Sweden and go to visit them every two years. I’m now 78 years old and have seen the decline in the country. I would never go back there to live

  25. Neil,
    Let’s be honest.

    There is a lot of truth in what Trump says about immigration problems in Sweden and I’m glad it’s getting adressed.
    I’m not a fan of Trump, and it’s pretty interesting that it takes a man like that to get the truth out here in Sweden…

    I’m not a Troll 🙂 I’m just a friend of the truth.

    We do have massiv problems with newly arrived. There is a lot of criminality and turmoil due to it.
    There is also sexual harassments on festivals and rapes/gang rapes done by some of them and there is evidence for it.
    Women are too scared of going out the way we’re use to. For example: a 50 year old women out in the woods picking mushrooms were raped by a newly arrived, and some women when they were running in the woods, There has been a lot of gang rapes and for example one young girl was beeing filmed while being gang raped and it was sent out live on internet.

    We women are use to walk around freely feeling safe but now a lot of us are too scared.
    This is a great problem!
    To deny this is disrespect to all women that have been raped. ❤

    I'm not a right wing or rasist. I'm just an ordinary woman in between the opportunists and the Political Correct ones that denies the problems and say that "all men are rapists".

    I don't want people to blame the newly arrived because most of them are not criminals and the ones that are need help. We are all human and love to them all!

    But to take care of the problems we need to be aware of them and to be able to talk about them.
    But the Political Correct ones blame the people who talk about it to be racist so we keep quiet.
    Unfortunately even the politicians and media are cautious and pretty quiet about it.

    Other than that… Sweden sure is a great country to live in!
    I just wish to be safe in my homeland again….

    With love,

    1. No, Karin, there´s not a lot of truth in what Trump says.

      But as long as people like you don´t care about facts, only reads the headlines, and don´t understand that fear comes from parties with an agenda to reapetadly greatly exaggerate everything that has to with refugees.
      When a false message is repeated day after day, month after month, year after year many start to believe that this lie is the real truth.

      If you´re a friend of the truth don´t read Avpixlat and similar sites, check the real fact for yourself in indepented sites.

      The sexual harassments for example happend in school when I went to scool and it happend everywhere before the immgration began beeing the top agenda. But then it was swedish boys and swedish youth that made the harassments, and then it was not reported at all. If it had been the harassments had showed that the problems where far more usual 30 years ago and it was swedish youth was heavily overrepresented.

      The differens is that noone reported it then.

      Then the sex laws regarding rape has been heavily rewritten. And Sweden has the most strict definition in the world.
      So you can´t even begin to make comparises with then and now or with other countries.

      “I´m not a racist, but…”. You don´t write but but this frase is the common race that the fascistic and racist partys SD followers always say when they are coming with heavily distorded facts.

      There has been a slight rise in the sexual assoult during 2016, but the years before it was declining and it seems to decline again.

      If women are afrid to go out then the Swedish Democraft have succeeded in their mission.

      And saying that the media doesn´t talk about is totally wrong, they report every violent behaviour against women sexually.
      And it´s thanks to that media can update the news in a minut.

      Trump is on a mission and SD is on a mission, make people to be afraid of refugees and say that the media lies.

      When the far right wing gets people tp believe what they are saying we are on a dangerous way politically.’
      Check the history and see what such things leads to.

      1. Lars,
        This is exaclty what I mean. People like you who make “alternative facts” away from the truth.
        First of all I’m not a fan of Trump, I’m a fan of Bernie Sanders.
        And no I’m not a racist. I do voluenteer work for newly immigrants. I want to help them,

        Why do I even have to defend myself not being a racist? That’s the problem with the Political Correct people, they see things as black or white and put people like me in a box.
        I believe that they are so focused on their enemies, the racists etc that they miss the clear sight.
        And I don’t read Avpixlat or other sites like that.
        So what you wrote is far from the facts.

        I base my opinion from facts. Facts from people that has being charged in court and i only read traditional media as DN, Svenskan, Expressen och Aftonbladet.

        One minute walk from my home there has it been a gangrape made by newly arrived and they were charged. And you have probably heard of many more in traditional media. If you want to look away… that’s your choice.

        I’m a woman and I don’t want to be raped.
        It’s good to collect facts to know what risk there is for me when I walk by myself out in the woods.

        When I went to school, collage and the University i never heard of any rapes or gang rapes.
        My niece that goes to University said that there has been 5 rapes nearby her school the last two years. Another one happened yesterday, two young guys that robbed and raped a young women. It was in the area where the immigrants live but we don’t yet know the facts about it. It could have been swedes that did it, let’s wait and see.

        You say: “The differens is that none reported it then.” Is that a fact? How do you know that for sure?

        I am afraid of going out based on facts. Not as you say: “If women are afraid to go out then the Swedish Democraft have succeeded in their mission.”
        That’s another example that you see things as black and white instead of asking me what I base my fear on.

        We do have a lot of newly arrived like street children that behave badly. That’s a fact if you read how many of them that made sexual harrassments on festivals, rapes and so on.
        You can also read about Uppsala trainstation where many of them do bad things and are on drugs. Or you can read about Femman-huset in Gothenburg.

        Sweden is no 4 in the world of countries when it comes to equality among gender.
        The countries where the newly arrived comes from is far down the list.

        Let’s instead talk about what we are going to do with this problem instead of pretending it doesn’t exist.

        These young men needs help!!!
        Let’s help them!!!

        Young girls and women needs to feel safe again in Sweden.
        Let’s be solution-oriented.

  26. Thank you, Neil!

    I have often missed the voice of all the people with cosmopolitan parents. Often a Swedish mother and a father from elsewhere. Sometimes the other way around. “Halfswedes”, so to say. Why are they so silent? And all the adoptees (is that a word?) like yourself. I long to hear much more from all of you!

    I also wonder what you think about the word “nysvensk”. I only know “high status” immigrants, such as Americans and Germans. Some of them have acquired Swedish citizenship, others not. But none of them like the word “nysvensk”. They have their original identity although now with a Swedish passport. Like you, they appreciate Sweden a lot while also seeing the problems and backsides. Do you feel like a New Swede?

    I saw on Facebook a young man who has made a pin with the text “Welcome New Swede”. He wears it in the same way as the pin “Rör inte min kompis” (Ne touche pas a mon pot). I wonder if the refugees in one go can identify themselves as New Swedes, when they see the pin (written in English…).

    I think I would remain Swedish even if I lived in another country for the rest of my life… but who knows? I would appreciate your thoughts about this. 🙂

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