Swedish vanity

A visiting friend of mine from Austria was walking in Stockholm taking in the sights. When I met her later that day, I asked what her biggest impression was. And her answer surprised me. It wasn’t about the beautiful buildings, the amount of water or the narrow streets. No, she said the following:

‘Well, the men really like their hair gel here don’t they’.

She was struck by the fact that the men on the street were pimped up, groomed and well styled. She perceived this as vanity.

It reminds me of a joke once told to me:

‘Why do Swedes always go outside when there’s lightning?’
‘Because they think someone’s taking a picture of them’

Are Swedes more vain than other nationalities?

What do you think?


One thought on “Swedish vanity

  1. I’ve heard it said in London that “All Swedish men are gay” . I think that just means that Swedish men like to look good, in comparison to straight English men , who according to Kate Fox in ” Watching the English” are preoccupied with proving that they are not gay ! I also think if you are tall, good looking and well toned (as it seems 90% of Swedes are ) why not flaunt it ?

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