Sweden versus Switzerland


How many times hasn’t Sweden been confused for Switzerland? Many Swedes relate stories of the mix ups that they’ve encountered in their lives. Well it seems that the same happens to Swiss people.

Apparently this is so serious that the Swiss Embassy in China have started a campaign, where entrants can win a trip to Sweden and to Switzerland. All they have to do is send in humorous explanations of how Sweden and Switzerland differ.

In the pictures that follow the campaign, Switzerland is represented by money, cheese fondue and the tennis champion Roger Federer.

And what about Sweden, then? Pictures of a dad carrying a child in a babybjörn, an elk, meatballs and a gay couple are chosen to represent this country in the North.

Apparently, the campaign has had a huge impact in China, and as far as I know a winner has not yet been announced.

So, what’s your input? – What do you think is the biggest difference between Sweden and Switzerland?

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