Fish-eating Swedes

It’s no surprise that Sweden is a fish-eating nation given the amount of coastline the country has. Fish features heavily in a lot of the traditional and holiday time dishes. At Christmas there’s pickled herring, smoked salmon, whitefish in lye for example. At Easter, the herring comes out again. At Midsummer, well, herring graces the traditional menu together with cured salmon and shrimps. In August, the crayfish party happens, which is my personal favourite. 

Today is New Year’s Eve. Do Swedes eat fishy food today? Yes they do, and I have proof. 66 people in the queue before us at the fish shop! Over an hour’s wait! And what were most people buying? Well, in line with Swedish new year tradition, lobster!

Have a fun New Year’s Eve – whatever you are eating!

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