What is Sweden’s National Dish?


If you’ve ever wondered what Sweden’s National Dish is, now is the time to take part in a competition hosted by radio station P3. So far, the folowwing have been eliminated: falafel, swede, ‘plankstek’ (literally steak on a plank) and ‘palt’ (dumplings).

What is left to vote for are the following:

  • ‘Smörgåstårta’ (sandwich cake) versus ‘Sill och potatis’ (pickled herring and boiled potatoes)
  • ‘Köttbullar’ (meatballs) versus ‘Blodpudding’ (black pudding)
  • ‘Tacos’ versus ‘Falukorv med makaroner´ (sausage with macaroni)
  • ‘Kebabpizza’ versus ‘varmkorv’ (hot dog)

If you’d like to vote, here’s the link: VoteforSwedenNationalDish

So, what do you think? What is Sweden’s National Dish?