Avalanche in the city

Currently in Stockholm, pavements everywhere are cordoned off with orange pylons and hazard tape. Men in flourescent yellow coats shout ‘Watch out!’ and ‘Stand still!!’ and wave us pedestrians into the street and straight into the on-coming traffic.

On the roof tops high above, mounds of snow are pushed down by workers who are perched precariously and attached by ropes and harnesses. A seemingly insecure occupation. The snow explodes onto the pavements below and splinters of ice and powdery snow billow up like jets of steam. Walking through Stockholm at this time of year is like navigating a minefield with explosions to the left and to the right.

It seems like the snowy roof-tops have become too dangerous in the city. And when this happens, who do you call? The snow busters.

This is yet another strange part of life in Sweden. Avalanches in the city.

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