Dear Swede – does this shameful act represent you??!

Currently at the border between Greece and Turkey, there are thousands of desperate refugees. Greece cannot cope with such a new massive influx of people and so, with support of the EU, the country is strengthening and protecting the border. Fortress Europe is a reality.

As a member of the EU, Sweden supports this approach and hopes to arrive at a new agreement with Turkey to cope with this humanitarian catastrophe. The aim is to find a solution that is manageable for both Turkey and the EU, and that is a responsible way to handle mass migration and immigration.

But one Swedish political party has taken matters into their own shameful hands. Literally. The leader of the right wing party Swedish Democrats has mustered up the energy to travel to the border. Here, he is facing the refugees eye to eye. He is looking into the fearful faces of men, women, elderly people and children. And he is handing them a flyer. The flyer has the following words on it:

Sweden is full. Don’t come to us! We can’t give you more money or provide any housing. Sorry about this message.’ The flyer is then signed ‘The Swedish people, Swedish Democrats’

I cannot imagine the lack of empathy that is required to be able to this. I cannot imagine how cold and hard this man’s heart must be. To stand at the border and hand out these fliers as part of a political caper is both callous and cruel.

He claims to represent Sweden in this matter. His party has only 17.5% of the vote. A massive majority of 82.5% of the electorate do not support him or his political ideals. He does not therefore represent Sweden or the ‘Swedish people’. And he certainly does not represent me. I absolutely and unequivocally reject him and condemn his beliefs and actions.

The Swedish Democrats claim to be patriots – true lovers of Sweden. What they have actually done with this action is drag Sweden’s good name down into the gutter with them. Shame on them.

And you, dear Swede, does this action represent you? If not, I ask you to react strongly and without hesitation.

63 thoughts on “Dear Swede – does this shameful act represent you??!

  1. It is indeed shameful and I feel personally insulted by this horrible action by this man and his party. I am further disgusted by the all to many supporters who cheers him on.

  2. You are absolutely right. What Jimmie Åkesson is doing is nothing but shameful. We ARE reacting, in different ways.
    Sadly his act might make his followers think: At last someone is doing something…

  3. It very much does not represent just about 80-85% of us, possibly even more. In a more strongly worded manner: fuck that guy. And his proto-fascist party.

    1. Lel! So you “can tell” that Neil Shipley is “not a Swede”. What gave him away so that even you Lel noticed that he is not a Swede? Was it his name or his impeccable english? His views on Åkesson and SD are very typical for a majority of the swedish people .

    2. How is expressing your opinion propaganda??
      Not being allowed having and expressing your own opinion is a dictatorship. So stop trying to silence people who are standing up for what’s right!

  4. No!!!! This shameful act does not represent the Swedish people. The Swedish Democrates have some really terrible opinions.

  5. No, it does NOT represent what most of the Swedish people feel and think!! Jimmie Åkessons party stands for disgusting values and is not what represent our country!
    Hes nothing but a racist!

  6. This is an act of SD (the Sweden Democrats) and SD alone. SD is a hostile political party and they do NOT represent or speak or think for ME: never!

  7. Jimmy Åkesson represents Sverigedemokraterna, nothing more.
    He uses this most unfortunate situation in Greece simply and only to further his and Sverigedemokraternas political agenda. In that sense, Sverigedemokraterna and Åkesson are no better than Erdogan. In fact, these two parties are pretty much the same stuff.
    A most cynical game at the expense of the refugees. Quite despicable.

  8. This is by no means representative for Swedes. In fact, my view on the Sweden Democrats is that they’re about as far from Swedish values and ideas as you can get and they are not patriots but rather the opposite shaming our country time after time!

  9. It does not represent me and not a majority of the swedish population.
    We are reacting strongly, many through the #inteimittnamn (#notinmyname).

  10. The Sweden Democrats are again and again revealing their ugly faces, uglier for every time which is frightening – where will it end??? Shame! Shame! Shame!


  11. I am Swedish and He DOES NOT represent me at all.It is a racist party standing for separation and lack of compassion and love. He is a tiny fearful man .

  12. Thankfully, I know only one Swedish citizen dumb enough to do something like this, and that is the leader of the Swedish democrats!

  13. Jimmie Åkesson and the Sweden Democrate party have their roots in nazism and fascism.
    One of the fundera of the Sweden Democrates volontarily thought on the Nazi-Germany side.
    He was in Waffen SS.

    Jimmie Åkesson and his party do not represent Sweden or Swedes, just his fellow racists and fascists.

    I am very upset and angry at what Jimmie and his partymembers do.

  14. Jimmie Åkesson and the Sweden Democrate party have their roots in nazism and fascism.
    One of the founders of the Sweden Democrates volontarily thought on the Nazi-Germany side.
    He was in Waffen SS.

    Jimmie Åkesson and his party do not represent Sweden or Swedes, just his fellow racists and fascists.

    I am very upset and angry at what Jimmie and his partymembers do.

  15. Oh, there are both strong reactions and even legal actions made by both lawyers and civilians taking legal stans against Jimmy Åkesson because of his false representation.
    I surely don’t accept him taking my representation by force!

  16. He does not represent me! He is stating that Sweden is closed, and yes, to him and the likes of him it would be my most heartfelt wish that our country would close it’s borders!

  17. They are not Syrien refugees in the borders.
    Make your search in Greek fb profiles shows a lot about truth with photos.
    Turkish polish shoots with special guns tear gas AGAINST Greek borders.
    Criminals have no problem say even in the reporters that Turkey oppend their prisons to ‘attack’ Greece.
    Weak up europe

  18. Jimmie Åkesson is nothing more than a scumbag and in no way representative of Sweden and the Swedish people.
    SD has no mandate to speak for the entire Swedish people. They suffer from hybris.
    – I apologize on their behalf as they will never be wise enough to do it themselves.
    With love

  19. Sorry but non Western World fed up with hypocrisies of Western well whealthed countries. They take themselves responsibles of spreading (!) a kind of democracy to the poor less developped countries but just to ones whose natural ressources are very rich such as petroleum,gas, mines or just because of importance of geographical position are strategics..
    If peoples want democracy in their countries , its their own business.Its not necessary the hide behind the humanitarian reasons to intervene the other states interior affaires in a jacobin manner as if the really care about that peoples lifes. Jean Bricmont call it ” humanitarin mperialism”If they really want to interest , there are the contexte of international organizations to help them to develop socioeconomically .Support those people to live more prospere with their own ressources in a more peacefull way.Instead of encourage those people to kill each other for a so called democray illusion. If you want be called by western statesman “good enough democratic ” you should accept to be a western guignoll to sell your country for theirs interest and of course for your personel interest.
    So if they dont scroll down this countries there would not be such huge migrations wave in their borders. They are the real responsables of this human catastrophe.Instead if to shame, they dare to behave in a racist way. They encourage the racisme in their countries to hide the real responsables.

  20. He represents a minority who sadly forgot what the word humanity means. By the way even his mother is ashamed of him…that’s what people in his hometown say.

  21. By accepting millions of “refugees” from war torn countries into our country, all we are doing is inviting theier wars in along with them.
    Changing their location doesn’t change their idology.
    So yes he is doing the right thing.
    Sweden is full.

  22. How is your wall in the south going?
    Dont talk about things you dont understand. Take a look at your own country first.
    USA made this chaos.

  23. Yes, there’s been numerous surveys about this and the majority of Swedes are not indoctrinated enough to want the country to fall in to greater chaos than it already is from the last immigrant wave. Only leftwing extremists will protest and loudly so, because that’s how you have been programmed.

  24. He does not, in any shape or form, represent me. In fact, i am vehemently against him and his party – as i have been since both him and I were teenagers in the same county.

    Im looking forward to moving home after 11 years abroad. And I will join the movement to counter his party as soon as my boots hit the ground. His Sweden is Not my country.

  25. No, never.
    Thank God, most swedes are very empathetic and helping People. By far the best country in the world to live in.
    Fortunately there’s only a few sad, despicable, coldhearted individuals that are able of such cruelty.

    1. The Swedish fascist party SverigeDemokraterna got 17.5% in the last election. That’s not few sad, despicable, coldhearted individuals. It’s more than a million people. Even worse, in December 2019, the fascist party had 22.5% in opinion polls. “By far the best country in the world to live in” doesn’t comply with my experience. I’ve lived in Sweden for 7 years, as a professor of mathematics at Uppsala university, and the racism and hatred I felt I’ve never felt in any other country before. If one values equality and freedom of expression then Sweden is not the place to be. Everything is fine, so long as one has no opinions, no character, objects to nothing, does not initiate discussions, does not talk politics, never disagrees with anything that is tacitly considered a norm, never criticizes anything, not even the coffee, and never praises anything else except Sweden. In fact, the very act of slightly disagreeing with the statement that Sweden is the best country in the world makes one an undesirable entity in Sweden. There’s a contradiction there, isn’t it?

  26. #notinmyname
    It makes me ashamed but also frightened, because of the support he has. I hope that the people who stand behind him can make this reflection and act from it:
    It takes some lack of empathy to stand at the border and do this eye to eye to these people.
    Our society has problems to deal with, but to give the power to a party with these ’Easy solutions’ is a huge step backwards.

  27. i sent a critical message on this purpose but since three days i dont see it published on comment colomne. Is there any prob?

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