Swedish ways to die #1 In the lift

There is one thing that unites us all. We all die. That said, there are many ways in which we can shuffle off this mortal coil. Just like our lives are unique, so probably are our deaths.

Living in Sweden, I am often struck by the many ways one can die. Perhaps not specific to this country, but at least very cultural.

Here’s the first way: ‘the careless accident in the lift’ – a tragic way to pop your clogs.

Many Swedish lifts don’t have inner doors. As the lift descends, the floors slide by visibly. If you have a large article with you, for example, a wheely bin, it can fasten on the edge of the lift. The bin gets stuck, the lift keeps descending and voila, you are crushed to death or decapitated. A very Swedish way to die.

Below, you see a sign on the door to the lift in my apartment building. It says ‘warning – risk of crushing. It is dangerous to transport goods in lifts without inner doors or gates.’

3 thoughts on “Swedish ways to die #1 In the lift

  1. I’d never thought about this before! I like the Swedish don’t-be-an-idiot approach to health and safety. But the lift think freaks me out and is such an unnecessary, avoidable risk.

    I’m not sure about the stats on this, but death by breezy draught seems to be a real and present danger for all Swedes.

  2. As we have had a number of accidents, some fatal, in lifts, especially in industrial environments, we like to help people to think so it won’t happen again.
    And it works!
    It’s quite a long while since someone died in a lift in this way.

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