Your Swedish money’s  worth nothing 

Go through your pockets. Empty your piggy bank. Clean out your drawers. Start using up your money now, because from June 30th 2017, much of your Swedish currency will be invalid. 
Recently, Sweden introduced a new range of bank notes featuring Swedish celebrities: writer Astrid Lindgren, Hollywood actress Greta Garbo, troubadour Evert Taube, opera singer Birgit Nilsson, politician Dag Hammarsköld and film director Ingemar Bergman. In line with this, old bank notes and coins are being successively phased out. 

From June 30th this year, the older 100 and 500 krona notes and the 1, 2 & 5 krona coins will become invalid. The only old coin left in circulation will be the 10 krona coin. 

So start rummaging through your private areas, you might have a small fortune hidden there! 

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