Watching the Stockholmers – it’s not a coincidence

A promo film on all that is good about Stockholm has created an internet storm. Really informative, and entertaining. Check it out.

34 thoughts on “Watching the Stockholmers – it’s not a coincidence

  1. What BS. TRY 6 MONTHS of DARKNESS, COLD and ISOLATION! Pollution is DEAD because it is so fucking COLD (even in Summer!) that NO OZONE forms, heheh! 99% of the wealth in Sweden is owned by the 100 richest families….A BANANA REPUBLIC! It is GROWING because it takes in a massive amounts of REFUGES from Iraq, Syria etc. NOT because people want to go there! Swedish men are “pussies”, not in a good way…even their Norwegian and Finnish neighbors see them as overly submissive and feminine. Socialism is STILL prevalent and the Government controls society with high taxation and massive redistribution of income, including the “paid family leave”. READ this from a Brit living in Stockholm. Very to the point: “There is too much hype about Sweden. As Fredrik says, try living here. I am British but live in Sweden and I try to be as objective about both as there are clearly flaws in both systems. The chief difference is the pedestal that Sweden puts itself on. In terms of welfare there isnt much difference – i would rather be sick and unemployed in the UK and if you want a career then the UK offers far more opportunities. If you want to have kids then Sweden offers a much better ride. It is also seemingly a good place to grow old although that may well be changing. It is pointless to look at Sweden with envy because the ‘model’ wouldnt work somewhere else. And there is little point in moving here to enjoy it because the smug insularity, sanctimoniousness, dearth of opportunity and jantes law will wipe away any benefits that you may have gained. Be careful what you wish for, if something seems too good to be true it probably is.”

  2. Pricicely my point. Those families were always in bed with the Social democrats from the get go and got to keep their companies and wealth as long as they followed the Governments dictate. One exception was when the Government imposed the Meidner fonds on them, which would have gradually confiscated the companies with their own profits. At that point the owners and swedes in general realized it was going too far and voted them out of office fvor the first time in 40 years. Wealth concentration has actually increased lately with the abollition of the inheritance tax. Sweden now ranks among the highest in WEALTH inequality (Wealth GINI 0.77 [1= most unequl, 0= most equal]) while they hav one of the lowest INCOME inequality, due to the massive transfer payments form high INCOME earners to low income families. The Wallenberg family through its holding companies and trusts is estimated to control 33% of the Swedish GDP, unheard of in any other OECD country. There are plenty of studies on this out there (Google it), but never really addressed in Sweden’s highly controlled press and TV,

  3. Nadir how can u compare shitty UK to this city ? Isn’t UK grey cold ? U think UK lays in South of Europe?
    If you would have said the Americas with their wonderful climate I would agree but cmon, UK ? And you know why I would choose Sweden over shitty UK ? Let me spell it to you, we got L a d i e s !!!!

  4. Mr Mattoo
    Still we keept peace for the longest of all nations, the nobel peace prize honors the first peaceful union breakup(so we let the Norwigians hand it out still to this day)
    Still we make worldclass military equipment, ONE of our subs recently outmanoeuvred USAs navy, and music music Sweden delivers and you knows it:-)
    The peace treaty between UK and Sweden has survived for more than 350 years… whats that worth to you?
    And Swedish sportsmen and sportswomans are world champions in more sports than i can write here
    Our linguistic general skills are of fair standards dont you think 🙂 bet you’ve found that English come natural to most and is used politely to always include your kind
    -Swedish men pussies:-) please!!! Its simply so our women are so great we dont have to behave like pricks to get some… and discuss this matter further with the Mauler if you wish…
    May you find a resolution on your attitude and think over why Sweden makeing you feel the way you do… tosser

    1. Yea, YOU think all that. You are no differnt in proportion to your population than germany, France, the UK or for that matter Italy or Spain. ALL western European countries are doing well/better in some cases tha you. Nothing special about Sweden, EXCEPT you are together with Denmark the highest taxed population in OECD. Transfer payments are also enourmous, which accounts for your high degree of income equality. Your wealth IN equality is hoiever one of the HIGHEST in oecd. PS Your submarine was a nice little coastal one that was very nice in its trial here outside San Diego. Too bad it was developed by Kockum, which is owned by the GERMANS, hehe! Your recent raid on Kockum shows how perocial you are. It is only done for industrial IPs in countries like CHINA! Your recent aircraft (and all before Tunnan, Viggen, etc,) is 70% made of British and US parts and is only a boon doggle for the Wallenbergs that own most of SAAB. I could go on. Swedish men ARE considerd “sissies” (feminie and and subservient) by the NORWEGIANS and FINNS if you check even your Government monopoly TV that recently broadcasted a debate on the subject…..and I agree. The problems you seeem to have in sweden with alcohol infused rapes and sexual harassments is a function of this suppression. You can’t supress men too much or it comes out when alcohol is introduced.

  5. Mr mattoo, you say you’d rather be sick and unemployed and living in the uk but i’m guessing your still here living in sweden, so that’s a contradiction in itself, wake up and smell what your shovelling.

    1. My comments were the first one only. The Brit was from another website also proclaiming Sweden as a “paradise”. I belive he is still there and his observations are right on in my opinion….

  6. Hey Nadir,
    You sound like a bitter looser… Get a life! Preferably outside of Sweden 😉

    The reason why Swedish men are diplomatic and do not feel threatened in our masculinity is because we are not insecure and pathetic like you. We are Vikings for god’a sake! Do you really think we anything to prove?

    As far as your “research”, HA HA HA, it’s more like “pseudo-made-up-conspiracy-bs”.. Thanks for some good laughs though 😀

  7. I think if you are talking bad about a country that allowed you a chance, an opportunity to make a life and all you found and learned are shitty comments then blame yourself for not achieving success, not the men or women or rich people. If you tried to live in Sweden and did not make it, then take it like a MAN and stop bitchin’ about it, work hard next time. Note I do not live in Sweden but I think that there are places on this earth that will provide lessons, opportunities, a way of life, once you’ve made the decision take it and don’t complain just get to work.

    1. Left a long time ago….US (Come see a really great country without all that Governemnet and Banana republic stuff….). PS We do have some Socialist here too, but thjey are few and far between. ONE in Congress ( Bernie Sanders) and one Public Radio network (Pacifica Radio. NYC and LA are hot spots for them, hehe!)….FEW listeners though. It is such a relief to not have these “do gooders” in Government telling you what THEY think is best for you…By the way I am happy to say I have been very sucessfull here if you qustioned that, both in NYC in finance and currently in my own businness in Santa Monica, CA…suffering badly, heheh!

  8. BTW someone removed a reply I made to Elias Hoberg, but in short I said. Sweden is not any differnt than any other Western Democracy 9Germany, UK, France and even Italy & Spain) in regards to industrial development even if compared on a population adjusted basis. You think you are but facts matter. The submarine was a very nice coastal sub that performed exceedingly well in terems of quietness on trials outside San Diego here in the US. However, Kokum, that was just recently RAIDED (ONLY done in countries like China!) for fear technology was going to be transferred to Germany! They OWN Kockum as well as the majority of Scania. It is your second biggest trading partner after Norway (you didn’t know did you?). How perochial and dictatorial. Also your fighter aircraft boon doggle only benefits the industrial families in sweden who own SAAB (not the bankrupt Car company) and always did. 2/3 of the planes value is bought from the UK (most electronics) and the US (Engine and many other electronics) and will never pay for itself. It is pride OK, but it is a collosul waste when you could have bought an equvalent fighter from the UK, France or Germany just as well. You might even had a chance to participate in their development and manufacturing as is commonly done is deals like this. I could go on: Swimming in Stockholm is “unique”. Heard about NYC? You can swim in the Hudson river too these days. You are not the only place hat have cleaned up the environment since “Silent Spring” (Written by an American) came out and started the Environmental movement…..

  9. BTW the “Internet storm” response to this youtube video? Stockholm – it’s not a coincidence! 335,112 views on YouTube! Internet Storm? That number might qualify as such in Sweden….but not outside….

  10. Dear Nadir,

    judging from your name your background you are from Arabic (or Indian) origin? Am I right? Let me get this straight. What is it exactly that puts you in the position to judge a country like that? Is there anything in particular in your Arabic culture that you find superior? Or is it something else? Did your macho attitude prevent you from scoring with a Swedish girl?

    The YT link, however, was quite funny, I have to admit. But even that clip, on the contrary to your claims, show that the Swedes have more humor than you will ever have, considering that the real PM participated in this. Also, I would like to share a little something with you: – And that, dear Nadir, is a rather fair description of the country you love so much.


    1. Aron Sorkin is fun! A Liberal fantasy, not facts exactly, but very entertaining and with great ratings. Your racism is a bit troubling. You would not be welcome here with that attitude these days I can assure you. Just fyi, I am as “anglo” (read White/Swedish) as they come and lived a very privileged life in Sweden for 25 years, having grown up on Ostermalm, more precisely Strandvagen. No problem with girls, hehe! Dated some of the prettiest ones in Stockholm at the time. Still friends with some, and their kids who come here often to visit and loves it. “20 something” from Sweden really gets the US and are not like the prior generation, mine, that still is reflected in your negative biased media that still portraits the US in some sort of 1950’s-60’s retrograde country. Much have change in the last 50 years here since then and all for the better. I have been here 35 about and have seen it. Great when I arrived, better still today!

      Just for more fun. This time a spoof on how our Congress works (not fact but fun!), based on the new series on Netfilx’s House of Cards….” House of NERDS!” Note all participants are REAL White House members of the Obama Administration and add some Congress men. The journalist in the first scean is head of the WH correspondance association (Spacey you know is an actor I presume?)

  11. Here is another VERY FUNNY (IF you know something about the media/politics in the US…..persons that is) speech given by Obama and where he makes fun of HIMSELF too: Great Fun!

  12. All hail the US! 🙂 What a great country! Not supported by any data, but what the hey! Don’t get me wrong, I really digg the US, but come on, are you turning a blind eyes on the crack down on freedom? I don’t want to drop words like NSA, Guantanamo, etc. but you should be more realistic. At least you noticed that swedish girls are ways more beautiful than the obese monsters in your paradise. 😉

    1. NSA no big deal and no criminal action. Very well vetted process by the courts b4 the can use the data collected and ONLY meta data. That is domestically. Internationally anything goes! That is what spying is all about. Everybody does as good as they can (yes even European do this and the Russians are great at it. Notice the latest reveal about them tapping a live conversation by a US diplomat in secret negotiations: “Fuck EU!”, hehe!

      Does it work is the operative question or is it a colossal waste of money? THAT is the real question about NSA. Guantanamo ditto. Bush’s use of it was severely curtailed by the US Supreme court and works with US constitutional protections (it IS US territory for legal purposes. The court reversed Bush’s desire for it not to be). Defence lawyer’s paid for by the Government see that prisoners are guaranteed constitutional protections). Process is too slow however in my opinion, but for good reasons. MANY of those released have REjoined the fight against the US in Al Qaida or other groups.

      As far as fat girls, yes we have those too. Some LIKE fat girls. A nice booty is particularly like among African American. And no, not all black girls are fat. They come in all sizes just like all races do. Come down to the beach ion either coast and you will see a plethora of beautiful (mostly in my opinion) and not so beutiful girls (and guys if you will). Not that different from Mallorca, Costa del Sol or Canary Islands…..”model thin” is not the universal female ideal. That said Swedish girls ARE pretty. Have been married to two who I took over here, hehe! One went back, one is happily here still!

  13. I forgot one point you made. Data. The US is a very diverse country, geographically, economically, socially, politically. Comparing the US to individual countries in Europe makes little sense. Many areas here top the best rankings in the world on most parameters used in global ratings like this. BUT, we also have areas that rank well below the US average (has to be because it is “average”, right? heheh!), just like you would find in Europe. Also the US has one of the most generous immigration in the world, both legal and illegal and most who come come from much poorer countries (mexico, central America, Korea, Vietnam, Laos (big in CA) with little education and without having had any access to medical care or proper food nutrition when they come here. That drags down the “averages”. Even illegal get most of that here, for free mostly, but it takes time for them to catch up. Sure we have poor areas (white as well as black) that drag down US averages in education particularly as the schools in these areas (inner city “ghettos”) have been hijacked by the Teacher’s Labor Unions which makes it hard to fire incompetent teachers (most competent ones go to “richer” school districts for good reasons). BTW schools are LOCALLY run and financed. Makes for great variety and quality in them across the country. Efforts to bring up the bad ones are ongoing and have been since Bush’s “No child left behind” law passed some 12 years ago….Obama Care might help in these areas as well IF properly implemented. To be seen. NOT a very popular program universally here, but probably marginally good over all.

    Don’t believe all your journalists tell. They only confirms the stereotypes that has always surrounded the US in Europe. Internet gives you no reason not to question them. US NOT perfect in any way but a great place to live without too much reliance on government with great opportunity to better yourself financially and under strong “rule of law”.

  14. From US public TV (YES we have that too here, NO ads!) Hope you can see it overseas….”What made us fat?”

  15. Nadir, what are you trying to prove and to whom? You’ve clearly nerver understod how distasteful it is to shove YOUR opinions in others faces!

    Grow up, it’s pretty obvius you did not fit in here or were misstreated. But take ur desperate delusional ass elsewhere! 🙂

    PS. Telling random people over the net that you’re succseful in NYC, gave me a good laugh.. How insecure are you?

    1. I love you back! It was a commentary on some really strange views of yourselves and Sweden and then the US…no offence Fredrik, just correcting facts.

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