Sweden’s Top 10 Most Handsome Politicians

It doesn’t come as a surprise that looks count in politics. We all know that PR people try to pimp their candidates so that they look more attractive and gain votes. We all know that, although politics is all about the issues, a winning smile doesn’t hurt. At the weekend, some friends and I designed a list of Sweden’s most handsome politicians. We came up with the Top Ten! This list is in no way objectively researched but purely the subjective reflections and objectifications of this little international group. So, here’s the list!

Position 10 – Tomas Tobé. Moderaterna Tomas_Tobe_0000149000

Position 9 – Erik Ullenhag, Folkpartiet
erik ullenhag

Position 8 – Christopher Fjällner, Moderaterna
christopher fjallner

Position 7 – Ardalan Shekarabi, Social Demokraterna

Position 6 – Hans Lindberg, Social Demokraterna
hans lindberg

Position 5 – Gustav Fridolin, Miljöpartiet
gustav fridolin

Position 4 – Ali Esbati, Vänsterpartiet
ali esbati

Position 3 – Hampus Magnusson, Moderaterna

Position 2 – Hans Linde, Vänsterpartiet

Position 1 – Jan Eliasson, Social Demokraterna
jan eliasson

One thought on “Sweden’s Top 10 Most Handsome Politicians

  1. I like that you put Jan Eliasson as number one, because even if he is now quite an old man, he is so incredibly elegant, like a seasoned movie star, a Cary Grant, a Harrison Ford, but with his own personal style.

    Whether he is a good politician or not, I can’t tell. I don’t think he achieved very much, actually.
    But I do think a lot of his career is based on his elegant style.

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