Why this blog?

I love living in Sweden. I love Swedish people. I love Swedish values.

I was born in England but Sweden has, quite simply, become my home. After 15 years of living in Sweden, and working with cultural awareness training, I decided it was time to share my observations on life, culture and society.

My views, my perspectives and my experiences in this cold and warm country in the north.

4 thoughts on “Why this blog?

  1. I remember you laughing your head off when I visited you for the first time and without any hesitation went straight to open the right kitchen dresser(?) to throw away my chewing gum. Typical swedish, you said, to always find the trash can in the exact same place in every kitchen.(Feel free to correct my English, Neil.)

  2. Great idea! You always have such interesting reflections about us Swedes, like that we have to be so so trygga, trygga, trygga. Looking forward to read more!

  3. Just spent a long evening vacation night reading your blog. Thank you for these beautiful pearls about a country and people I start to discover… a Journey I guess. Stockholm, the Archipelagos, these people and their ways: fascinating.
    – French Canadian Woman

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